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My name is Wuyi Jacobs. I am running for the WBAI Local Board because I believe that media is a necessary system with processes that must rest on a solid foundation of community ownership. Today, media cannot just be about reporting, interviews, discussions, etc., rather it must be about community, shared experiences, shared ownership and extended networks for social mobility and solidarity building.

Given the current challenges we face, it is time to actively engage the community in realizing a robust and sustainable WBAI.

The following are useful and actionable ideas to contemplate, improve upon and consider.

Build strong community alliance to be a part of a web of diverse and inter-locking relationships by increasing member participation in WBAI community life.

Involve use of communal/social online tools for social mobilization, civic participation, movement building and membership feedback.

WBAI Radio / Media Community Center

Facilitate fiscal growth, membership, listenership, programming, operational capacity and infrastructure of WBAI Radio using best field practices and proven innovative ideas.

Monitor, attract and present remarkable artistic, socio-political and academic talent.

Represent the voice and the consented interest of producers on the WBAI local board and in general.

Help to implement strategies and create budget ideas for program and audience development.

Encourage the involvement of experts, community voices and up-to-date information in reimagining the role of media and presentation of issues.

Actively involve the WBAI community, experts and proven strategies to create functional and optimal governance structure, bylaws and fundraising.

Implement communal/social online tools for social mobilization, civic participation, movement building and membership feedback.

Intensify support for optimal resource use, fiduciary and financial responsibilities, and constructive overseeing of management, activities and services.

Work hard to enhance a positive public image for WBAI by involving up-to-date consent- and solution-building.

Encourage debate without conflict by providing a positive environment for mediated and constructive conflict resolution.


I am founder, executive producer and co-host of AfrobeatRadio, a weekly current affairs radio program presenting African perspectives on global issues on WBAI 99.5 FM Radio. AfrobeatRadio publishes www.afrobeatradio.com and www.afrobeatjournal.org.
I received a BA (HONS) in English from Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria and an MS in Management and Urban Policy from the New School University. I have worked in the not-for-profit arena providing consulting and information technology services to various organizations for nearly two decades.

I hope the following actionable ideas will help strengthen WBAI:

1. Local Autonomy for WBAI while strengthening our partnership with Pacifica National and ensuring that we meet our financial obligations past, present and future.
2. A new business model that will ensure the financial sustainability of WBAI, provide accountability and fairness to all parties involved.
3. A productive WBAI Local Board that is focused on its fiduciary responsibilities to the organization, members and listeners.
4. The establishment of a Member Council / Department to serve the community and social Agenda of members, and the provisioning of air-time set aside for listeners.
5. The establishment of Community Media Centers that will bring WBAI closer to members and listeners.

So, what do you think ?