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Listener Candidate for the KPFK Local Station Board
Bella De Soto here, I have served 3 years at the KPFK 90.7 FM LSB with steadfast integrity. Need to return to complete the remainder of the next 3 year term, much work ahead.
Passionate about the Pacifica (Radio) Foundation, Inc. Founded by Pacifist and pioneer Luis Hill in 1949, with a focal platform against all global aggression, featuring a unique Non-Commercial Radio Format supported by its Listeners. Its Mission Statement is most unique and classic, which I uphold. In 1993, after relocating to the LA I discovered Non-Commercial Pacifica Radio KPFK 90.7 FM.
Since 1949, this Foundation has boasted a formidable Five Radio Station Network: KPFA 94.1FM (Berkeley, CA), KPFK 90.7 FM (LA, CA), KPFT 90.1FM (Houston, TX), WBAI 99.SFM (New York, NY), WPFW 89.3 FM (Wash., DC) and sundry community/College AM/FM Radio Station Affiliates, making Pacifica Radio a most desirable and enviable entity to protect and expand in my opinion. While external forces continue threatening its existence… As I did last year, once again this year, I VOTED NO against the New Day Bylaws Referendum. Hope you share this sentiment.
Thirteen years ago, through October 2008, KPFK stood pretty with fundraising capacity of over $1 Million just three times annually. The station housed an engaging local Full Time News Dept. covering community events, attracting many subscribers. With your help, we can return KPFK to its shining grassroots relevancy. Then, KPFK could cover its operational expenditures, and invest in training youth programs at the station, and pilot segments, some of which may become staples with voice diversity!
A notable vibrant program Grid with local character is what good Radio is made of. We must experiment with new visions to reflect KPFK's signal area, youth participation is key, and undeserved communities in the broadcast signal area. Open lines for Listeners to connect with their local Non-Commercial Radio. This would offer a quick shift in the right direction.
Integrity and transparency are a must, for all going concerns. My Bookkeeping /Computer Tech. expertise have been assisting the Finance Committee.
Anti-Capitalist, supporting radical ideas to move away from the current tragic U.S. Electoral system that lacks diversity through a two-party electoral paradigm. Therefore, forging relations across all local areas, organizations sharing similar aim is a fantastic opportunity to expand and grow...
My global geopolitical viewpoint is framed within a Socialist-Atheist perspective, on Social, Economic and Political eclectic models that represent all colors.
I support the Spanish language programming, which has raised significant funds for KPFK at a variety of lively community events in recent years, because of such frequent broadcasting preemptions.
Pacifica Radio should be prominent in every state, to expand its reach.
Protect this valuable NON-COMMERCIAL RADIO asset for future generations.
Please join me, as I humbly ask for your vote once again as number ONE on your voter Ballot.
Thank you for your support to Pacifica-KPFK –
Bella De Soto
Answers to Candidate Questionnaire
1. What experience, connections, skills or traits would you bring to the local station board to advance the station's mission?
  I need to confess that over many years involved with the KPFK Finance Committee, few elected to the LSB have had knowledge of financial dynamic or Accounting Principles!
As a Full Charge Bookkeeper, I offer crucial accounting expertise, and hold a Computer Tech A+ Certification, 1999. In 1978, I graduated from a Broadcasting School in Stratford, CT. Beyond these professional attributes, I paint Antiques and my lifelong Activism for Global Social Justice, fits simply fine with Pacifica Foundation’s Mission Statement, which I fully uphold.
I am also a contributing Editor with LA’s longest community publication - Change Links.
With a high eclectic demeanor, serves amicably within collective efforts to attain much needed diversity for programming.
2. What do you appreciate and value in the station's current operations?
  In some respects, KPFK really shines, and faithfully reflect the Pacifica Radio Mission Ethos. Here are some examples of this: At times, there is some terrific music that you do not readily hear anywhere else. LA Theater Works, The Spanish Language Block programming delivers wide educational content though a collective Magazine of viewpoints and analysis from global perspectives with incredible interviews. Anti War Radio, IMRU, Counter Spin, Ralph Nader Hour, Economic Update, Thinking Outside The Cage, Cantos Sin Fronteras, Access Unlimited, Freedom Now, Informativo Pacifica (Global News Reach), Access Unlimited, Rhapsody in Black, Poet's Cafe, American Indian Airwaves Some of Us are Brave, Thinking Outside the Box, Michael Slate, Experience Talks (Content on the Aging Pop), Devine Forces Radio, Half Way Down The Stair, Radio Antifada, SWANA and The Lawyer's Guild. Youth programs have been missing in our Program Grid!!
Every Program needs to return to Call-in format, to facilitate immediate connectivity between signal area listeners and Station. We desperately need to return to a monthly Dialogue with the Listeners. Further, every LSB - Local Station Board Monthly Meeting needs to be broadcasted live! And of course, LSB Election Candidate on-air Forums must return…
3. What would you like to see improved or changed in the station's current operations?
  We must regain all the local organizations we have driven out in the past 13 years.
Then we can gain much capital in various forms through interactive goodwill. There are many small businesses in the signal area that needs a shout out over our airwaves if they become monthly sustainers, no sponsorship permitted, to avoid content conflicts.
Our station has been turned into a “HOME SHOPPING NETWORK”, where people call, just to purchase a product or service, have no clue what Pacifica Radio is about, its Mission Statement since 1949!
Hire an exclusively dedicated expert on all social media is a must, to expand the signal widely, creating inter-networking consortium of communities that will support our format, Non-Commercial Independent voice for the voiceless with global scope. There is a variety of paths by which to deliver content, we must be equipped to utilize them, while always upholding Pacifica Foundation’s Mission. The Youth must be catered to, as to the best delivery path for them.
We have been spending staff salaries for the wrong purposes. Here is a radical position being expressed by a good number of long timer listeners… For instance, the GM need not be a paid position, nor the Program Director. Rather a volunteer collective of expert individuals committed to Pacifica’s global Mission…
To strengthen the existing Membership, it must be rewarded through the 2005 Membership Card system Template, with a variety of business discounts, ticket give aways and other benefits for members only.
There is no shortage of ideas among those committed attendees to the LSB Committees, but resistance from station internal forces since 2009 has prevented progress…
KPFK goes back to School, is a proposal to invite HS student to produce content with Teachers, Parents and peers... The Youth has been missing in the programming grid...
4. Describe what you anticipate would be your top three priorities or areas of focus if you were elected to the local station board.
  Demand that a competent and responsible Full Charge Bookkeeper like myself is hired a.s.a.p. to conduct proper daily Bookkeeping tasks. To submit timely financial reports to the Finance Committee.

Urge for greater programming diversity across the daily grid, shift away from outside Contractors to Fund Raise on-air, and train all programmers, to hold their pitching with their listening communities. As well convert each broadcast segment to open the lines for the listeners to connect with the station, programmers and one another. Reduce considerably the current unsustainable Union Contracts for the Strip Programs, rather convert everyone to a volunteer status, at par across the grid.

Pacifica Foundation's Bylaws and Mission Statement are predicated on volunteer staffing with some paid top management.
5. Sustainability is an important part of any nonprofit operation. What are your thoughts on how the board can help to improve the station's financial footing?
  The Board has never been a Fund-Raising vehicle, which is a management team if hired to attend to this area. However, various Board members have and continue collaborating to fund raise off air. However, since Oct/2008, the Station finances were entered into peril with high Union Contracts, while the void of the daily financial oversight. Moving forward, this area must be of heightened interest by every single Board Member. Since Oct/2008, every General Manager, for the exception of one, but pushed to resign in 2016, have all operated the Station without regard to Budgetary restraints!

There has been no realistic Budget in several years, so this is an area that the next GM that will be hired very soon, must take command of and work collaboratively with the Board Finance Committee...
Many community organizations need to be reengaged, lost since Oct/2008!
But all the earlier suggestions I have proposed above, if quickly adopted, would immediately shift this grim scenario to a very different footing...
6. Is there anything else you would like prospective voters to know?
  I have run as an Independent Candidate before and will continue to do so, simply to uphold Pacifica Foundation's Mission. No others! I also proudly VOTED NO for the New Day Bylaws Referendum...

While I reserve the right for an internal Bylaws Convention... Pacifica Radio has all to offer to the future generations, if collectively we can work toward this common goal. We must reclaim the Mission Statement in programming all around, and all else will fall into place.
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