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Staff Candidate for the WPFW Local Station Board
I am submitting my name to be considered as a Staff Candidate for the WPFW Local Station Board. I look forward to another opportunity to serve the station that I consider a vital and necessary contributor to Washington's media landscape. At this moment of upheaval not only in national politics but in media itself, I believe that through my continued service on the LSB, I can make a valuable contribution to the ongoing survival of this treasured resource and its ability to advance progressive social change as it has done for over forty years.

What I can offer is over three decades of experience working in public radio news and public affairs. My experience ranges from reporting to serving in editorial and production positions with some of public radio’s most widely heard programs. Most recently I am honored to serve as WPFW’s Interim News Director. In that capacity I produce two weekly news programs, which are Monday Morning QB and Malveaux! as well as daily newscasts and a variety of news specials that focus on many of the most critical issues confronting our listeners and our nation. It is work I love to do, and to be able to do it now within the context of WPFW’s commitment to furthering social and economic justice, and to reflect the widest range of voices in our community that are too often left out of mainstream media platforms makes this work even more meaningful.

Within the context of the LSB’s mission to contribute to WPFW’s advancement on any number of fronts, I am confident that my experience can offer a perspective that includes how our initiatives can be more effectively implemented within the station’s day to day operations.

I also hope to play a significant role in determining how changes in the way people now listen to news and cultural programming can be more effectively built into our operations. On-demand listening is growing in its appeal to listeners, and I want to see WPFW occupy that space in ways that can not only expand our audience in ways we haven’t even imagined, but also expand our ability to appeal to that audience to financially support our work. I have begun working on a number of ideas that I would look forward to sharing with the LSB.

I truly believe in the potential of WPFW not only to survive but to flourish and thrive, and I believe in my own capacity to help that happen. I appreciate your support.

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