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Listener Candidate for the WPFW Local Station Board
WPFW is one of DC’s greatest assets. It is the sound that has made the city home for me since 2015. I want to be more involved and do my part to not just keep it alive but to help it thrive.

I am a U.S. diplomat with the Department of State, currently working in Rome. I have more than 11 years in government; a masters in international business administration; experience as an entrepreneur and business analyst; and a bachelors degree from Columbia University.

This is both an opportunity to learn more about WPFW’s operations, staff and audience and to contribute my utmost to its continued success. I would appreciate the chance to serve.
Answers to Candidate Questionnaire
1. What experience, connections, skills or traits would you bring to the local station board to advance the station's mission?
  - Experience in business administration: masters degree with a specialization in marketing from the University of South Carolina
- International experience in government and business, having worked as a branding consultant and/or U.S. diplomat in Trinidad, Libya, Qatar, Mexico, Brazil, and now Italy
- Strong track record of executing complex projects and building teams
- Strong written and oral communication skills
2. What do you appreciate and value in the station's current operations?
  I appreciate the station’s commitment to fostering intelligent dialogue, serving its listeners with quality programming, and exercising the power of radio to reflect, channel, inform and empower a community
3. What would you like to see improved or changed in the station's current operations?
  I would like to see the station bring more guests onto the air and to do a better job of attracting new listeners
4. Describe what you anticipate would be your top three priorities or areas of focus if you were elected to the local station board.
  1- ensuring highest standards of accountability
2- offering support to fundraising and marketing initiatives
3- generating ideas to expand the station’s listenership in the DMV and beyond
5. Sustainability is an important part of any nonprofit operation. What are your thoughts on how the board can help to improve the station's financial footing?
  I believe the station’s greatest strength is the roster of hosts and producers. To be sustainable, the station must reach more listeners with the message that WPFW is a key player in the city’s history and culture, and converting those listeners to regular contributors.
6. Is there anything else you would like prospective voters to know?
  I won’t let you down!
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