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Listener Candidate for the KPFT Local Station Board
Pacifica and KPFT are on the verge of bankruptcy and dissolution. I have
seen decades of leadership that allowed the stations to waste money giving
themselves expensive benefits, while diverting money from outreach to new
potential listeners needed to sustain us.

The bylaws give the foundation the legal authority to manage the stations,
but they left the purse strings in the hands of the stations. Thus, the
stations were able to ignore and obstruct foundation directives.

The CFO reported non-cooperation from the stations, and the perpetual
tardiness of the annual audits is a clear sign the foundation finances
are being sabotaged. 

As a former Chair of the PNB Finance committee for a year, my every attempt
to get financial reports from the stations was met with misdirection tactics.
"We will call you back on that", Nothing. "You need to talk to the General
Manager”, Nothing. "You need to talk to the business manager." Again,
nothing. I spoke to the ED who said, "They say they will get back to me”,
Really? Yes, they played the same game on the ED! 

Legally, we can sue the stations to cooperate, and in the years it will take
to resolve those attempts, the foundation is going to be bankrupt. Do real
businesses work this way? Not a chance.

The stations myopically see no reason to support the foundation or the other
stations, so they operate with a dog-eat-dog mentality. The foundation, on
the other hand, depends on all the stations to do well, as they are the
purpose for existing, and its sole source of sustaining revenue. 

Successfully networked businesses collect all the revenues in the central
office, disburse operational funding to each branch based on approved
budgets, and therefore, no lawsuits are needed. Our central office has
every reason to see both the foundation and all the stations do well. 

Therefore, the only change we actually need in our bylaws, is to put all
revenues under the direct control of the central office, and the human
nature ripping the foundation apart currently, will instead work to our
advantage. People want to keep their jobs. 

The mission of Pacifica is to create understanding between peoples and
nations, and as the political division in the US today shows, humanity is
going backwards on that. The Pacifica listener sponsor model of programming
is an excellent tool to create the medicine the world needs.

But five stations alone is not enough. Only the foundation can add
stations, so putting our donations in the hands that will preserve and grow
the network is how we will transform station oriented misconduct into
fulfilling our mission.

I don't want to waste time punishing anyone for their human failings the
badly structured finances have allowed to happen, I just want to fix the
structural problem, and I believe the better angels in our people will
have a chance to prevail.
Answers to Candidate Questionnaire
1. What experience, connections, skills or traits would you bring to the local station board to advance the station's mission?
  A decade of experience assisting the program Voices at Work as board operator, co-host and assistant producer. One year of service on the Pacifica national board, several years on the KPFT LSB, well versed with the Pacifica Bylaws and our parliamentary procedures. Previous service as LSB Secretary, Governance Chair, and Elections Judge for both local and national Pacifica elections.
2. What do you appreciate and value in the station's current operations?
  Maintaining programs that are valued by the community.
3. What would you like to see improved or changed in the station's current operations?
  Cultivating interests from the community for future programming. More transparency with all station finances.
4. Describe what you anticipate would be your top three priorities or areas of focus if you were elected to the local station board.
  Fiscal survival of the foundation. Establishing and promoting civil and honest conduct within the LSB. Emphasis on the defined duties of the LSB as defined in the Bylaws, Article 7,Section 3.
5. Sustainability is an important part of any nonprofit operation. What are your thoughts on how the board can help to improve the station's financial footing?
  By monitoring the finances at the local station, maximizing transparency, and establishing a mutually beneficial relationship between KPFT and the Pacifica foundation.
6. Is there anything else you would like prospective voters to know?
  In these days of misunderstanding and tribalism, the purpose in the mission of "understanding between nations and between the individuals of all nations, races, creeds" is the medicine the world needs to survive a pandemic of conspiracy theory and ravenous rating competition from silo-ized media machines.
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