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Listener Candidate for the KPFT Local Station Board
Losing KPFT is not an option. We got this, y'all. Together we can do it!
Answers to Candidate Questionnaire
1. What experience, connections, skills or traits would you bring to the local station board to advance the station's mission?
  I love getting people involved in KPFT. I have held paid staff positions at the station twice and have worked with great boards and not so great boards in my professional career I have served 3 terms on the Local Station Board and 5 terms on the Pacifica National Board and worked for the Orange Show for 12 years
2. What do you appreciate and value in the station's current operations?
  It's people. The resilience of the programmers and the volunteers and the teeny staff to keep KPFT going through it all
3. What would you like to see improved or changed in the station's current operations?
  Must raise money and get the station moved to new digs. I would like to see less Infighting and more attempts to resolve issues internally before taking them to the streets
4. Describe what you anticipate would be your top three priorities or areas of focus if you were elected to the local station board.
  Fundraising, New Building, Supporting management in doing its job
5. Sustainability is an important part of any nonprofit operation. What are your thoughts on how the board can help to improve the station's financial footing?
  Communication with our people is key
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