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Staff Candidate for the KPFT Local Station Board
MY Name is THOMAS WILLIAM HARPER . I am Runing.for the
LBS .for KPFT . A Little bit about myself I was born on August.10th 1955 in
Philadelphia Pennsylvania I grew up in the south area of Philadelphia.
My goals in Life were of the average. American . When i became older I have taken on responsibility by working at a young age and helping my Family with money and continued to help people .My goal is for KPFT is to better KPFT and leave KPFT with a Legacy to be the best radio station in Houston and in the State of Texas.No misunderstanding I make this statement as clear as possessable some of us take Life for granted and never reach thier goals. Planning ahead is the only way this Life of KPFT is going to be around in our Future .And the only way KPFT is still be around in the future we have to have Leadership and People to do so you VOTE for a person with experience in Radio I`have a equivalent to a associate degree in audio video and went to Elwyn Institute at which time I graduated with the knowledge of Broadcasting. Also my training comes from the military and I have training in communication. Also flew Helicopter. And had served During Vietnam and the cold war era being a Veteran takes alot of pride to work at what your goals are you respect yourself and respect others but you don't disrepect or treat others different you lose the respect in which you earn down grading or be littlle a person for their blieves makes you no better then them so look at yourself before you criticize others working together as a group makes a difference .Racism One thing I don;t tolirate is racism you are what you are and that is human beings and i only become racist when you become that level in other words I am only racist against those who are racist against me and i won't shut up when spoken to in that form of words .Getting along with others is from your up bringing how you were raised by your parents at home and I AM SURE alot of you out there were raised to respect others my intention are the same .So if you change then VOTE for that change Thank You..
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