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Listener Candidate for the WPFW Local Station Board
As a longtime listener and loyal supporter of WPFW, I am eager to offer my advice and skills to help WPFW’s staff with fundraising, promotions, organizing community events, outreach, and in other ways to maintain a strong Pacifica station.

I’m a born listener, raised on radio, and look forward to working respectfully and constructively with all WPFW stakeholders to help make our beloved station the best people powered 21st century independent, public interest media thought and cultural leader we can provide for the DC region.

I have experience raising money and organizing events, connections with members of Congress and other elected officials, as well as other skills and experience to contribute. I’ve worked as a professional web designer, radio producer, and guest host.

I’m very grateful for WPFW and the proud tradition of Pacifica. I am dedicated to upholding and fiercely defending Pacifica’s independence and the ongoing empowerment of the DC area audience through jazz and justice programming.
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