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Listener Candidate for the KPFA Local Station Board
I, Michael Cheng, am running as a candidate in this Local Station Board election to ensure the continuing operation of KPFA. I have a degree in chemistry; and for the last three decades, my job was to solve challenging problems. In all of the cases, the protocol was, first, collecting information to define the problem, followed by gathering resources for resolution. I believe that these skills will help to address and resolve the complex financial, governance, and programming issues facing KPFA and the Pacifica Network.
I am active in Our Revolution East Bay (OREB), and am committed to political change. The primary activity of OREB is to endorse progress candidates in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties. For the past three or so years, approximately 75% of the endorsed candidates were elected.
KPFA distinguishes itself for its listeners supported financing and the delivery of unbiased news; commercial underwriting endangers both. I pledge to shield KPFA from commercial underwriting and to upheld its commitment to delivering unbiased news. The Pacifica Network’s embrace of commercial underwriting poses a serious threat to independent news integrity and listener engagement. We must keep our programming free of sponsor influence in the spirit of KPFA’s mission for independent investigative journalism.
Amidst the global economic, environmental, and social justice crises we face today, KPFA possesses immense potential, and is obligated to shape the future of independent media. Our station possesses the infrastructure and listener support to operate in self-sustaining manner. We must grow our programming onto multi-media platforms. By doing so, we will reach and empower diverse communities across Northern California and beyond, with accurate and unbiased news.
I urge you to vote for me Michael Cheng and all of the KPFA Protectors endorsed candidates. Together, we will strengthen KPFA and ensure its vital future. I am endorsed by news anchor Aileen Alfandary, Philip Maldari, from Sunday Show, Diana Martinez Senior Producer of Letters and Politics and many more.
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