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Listener Candidate for the KPFT Local Station Board
My name is Adriana Casenave, I am asking for your vote to the KPFT Local Station Board.
The KPFT 2022 Committee of Inclusion Report noted the serious lack of diversity in KPFT’s programming as the cause of declining membership and revenues (more than 10,000 members in 2005 to less than 2,500 in 2023).  KPFT is dying because does not represent the diversity of cultures and opinions of the community it serves.
I am serving as Director representing KPFT on the Pacifica National Board of Directors. I am being denied my right to received the information I need to make informed decisions.
All the Pacifica Foundation affairs are being conducted in secrecy. The finances are kept secret, and a few non elected people with the complicity of some Directors are making decision on the back of the Foundation's membership and their elected Representatives.
If you are satisfied with the way KPFT and the entire Pacifica Foundation is being handled,  support the same people who make up 75% of the actual KPFT LSB, but if you want different results, you must elect candidates willing to fight the Corruption, the Secrecy and the lack of Accountability and Transparency.
I promise to stand on the way of the forces that from inside are working to hand this independent media to their wealthy friends in California and to a religious institution in Houston.
If you believe that KPFT should have more Mission oriented programming; more volunteers empowering them instead of alienating them, and should comply with the requirements of the CPB to regain their funding, I request your vote.
I have one Mission, Pacifica’s Mission.
One side, KPFT’s side.
One voice to answer to, KPFT listener’s voice.
One goal, to preserve KPFT and the Pacifica Foundation for generations to come.
Thank  you,
 Adriana Casenave
Necesito tu apoyo para mantener esta radio abierta para todos sin discriminación y sin censura.
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