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Listener Candidate for the KPFA Local Station Board
I, Sherry Reson, am running as a candidate for the KPFA LSB. My social/political perspectives were formed by my family, my father's union, and my mother's political activism I have listened to KPFA since moving to the bay area in ~1965.. Most of my work life has been in nonprofits, where, for the last half, I managed small organizations or foundations providing technical support, fundraising and grant making.

Now retired, I live in a 4-generation household, which includes my two very young grandchildren. I want to ensure that they will have access to accurate information and the media tools they'll need to rebuild a better world.

As an activist I compile links to 25+ years of research, explainers, and proposals that stand in opposition to the neoliberal paradigms that underlie austerity economics. The site - “We Can Have Nice Things” - substantiates the understanding that the nation’s budget can prioritize public benefit and improve the lives of individuals, families, communities. In addition to an understanding of public vs private debt, content addresses how we can pay for
Student Debt Cancellation
Tuition Free Public Education
Expanded Social Security
Federal Job Guarantee
Green New Deal
Medicare for All

I believe that my research and fund raising skills can help KPFA to prosper and grow. I see opportunities to substantively engage listeners, build communities, build station capacity and support activism through digital platforms. If elected, I will do what I can to restore this radio station to its former stability and maintain a rich diversity in programming.

I am honored to stand for election for the KPFA Local Station Board. Please VOTE for me and for all the KPFA Protectors endorsed candidates. Also endorsed by Aileen Alfandary, Sasha Lily and Philip Maldari.
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