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Listener Candidate for the KPFK Local Station Board
I have been a listener sponsor of KPFK since 1969 right after I first discovered the station. KPFK was completely different from everything else on the airwaves. This station was incredibly important to my education as I am certain is was to countless other listeners. Unfortunately, the station has fallen from its once lofty position as the primer progressive news outlet and alternative entertainment hub. As a board member I will work to rebuild the listener-ship and put an end to the non-stop fund raising that has plagued the station for more than a decade. We need governance that works for the station and its listeners. We need to ensure that our audits are done completely, professionally and on time. That alone will allow us to take advantage of the public funding that the station had access to before our current turmoil and failure of its previous governance. My sincerest desire is to save this station I have loved and the Pacifica network as a whole. The necessity for alternatives to the corporate media has never been more urgent. Therefore, we need to ensure that the station and network are properly funded and run professionally. Let me be clear about one thing. We do not need to create another KCRWor NPR! What we need is a strong and robust KPFK in all its unique and uncompromising programing. That will require 21st century thinking and methods but ones that never compromise Lewis Hill' original vision for Pacifica
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