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Listener Candidate for the KPFA Local Station Board
I am a Spanish medical interpreter and an active member of UPTE-CWA 9119.
I am running for LSB on the Rescue Pacifica slate on my 2nd 3-year term as an LSB member because I support a united and intact Pacifica that is rooted in its legacy of radical and progressive thought and actions. Only a strong community-based presence throughout our entire signal area that responds to our network-wide problems in solidarity with our sister stations will solve our problems. We won’t achieve any kind of stability, financial or otherwise, if we keep having a majority “Protector”/New Day/Safety Net LSB that supports closing sister stations, taking away their broadcast licenses or trying to put Pacifica into receivership with lawsuit after lawsuit. We need to be held accountable to our communities for bad management decisions when they violate the By-laws or contravene the Mission of Pacifica, such as closing the renowned and social justice First Voice Apprenticeship Program and choosing to give 9 hours/week airtime show slot to a warmonger with CIA connections.
As a Chilean American, this is particularly worrisome to me that KPFA of all stations would give voice to this person.
I learned early in my life, after Sept 11, 1973 just how important the role media played in finding the strength together to fight for our communities and our people. My relationship with KPFA goes back to the 80s. The KPFA news program itself used to be a lifeline for the dispossessed, displaced, and for the disappeared throughout the world, including Chile.

I decided to run for LSB after going to an LSB meeting in October of 2019 where most of the members were justifying the closure of WBAI. That period coincided with the Social Uprising of October 2019 in Chile. Just when Pacifica Foundation was needed the most, there were forces trying to destroy it. My time on the LSB has been sobering: This KPFA LSB super majority and previous GM refused to support Frank Sterling, KPFA journalist and activist covering police brutality in Antioch who was faced with trumped up charges.

Instead of carrying out its By-laws mandated obligations:
This present LSB majority has expelled and censured those who demand accountability or contradict their false narratives, violating our Free Speech rights. The $305,000 loss to KPFA was due to (previous) KPFA manager, and “Protector” LSB members voluntarily testifying against Pacifica.

In 1999, people fought against self-perpetuating boards of directors. Instead of holding elections in 2022, a “Protector” KPFA National Board Director motivated a motion to extend the terms of the 6-year termed out LSB members, extending his own term too. That is a violation of the By-laws.

Please support me and the rest of the Rescue Pacifica slate of candidates for a united and intact Pacifica: Steve Zeltzer, Stan Woods, Virginia “No War” Browning, Rich Stone, Edward Escobar and Dr. Nayvin Gordon. Check out our website:

I also endorse Cheryl Davila and Pathma "No to Wars” for KPFA LSB as well.

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