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Listener Candidate for the WBAI Local Station Board
My name is Jack DePalma and I am currently running for the 2024 WBAI LSB. If elected, I can serve for only one year. I am a long-time listener, I volunteer if I can to help management when asked, and I am a yearly financial supporter of WBAI. Currently, I serve on the Pacifica National Elections Committee; and I am a long serving member of the WBAI Finance Committee. Before being elected I was the Chairperson of the WBAI CAB where I became aware of the various issues and financial problems as seen at WBAI and across Pacifica. I know together we can solve those problems and address those issues. In 2001, I volunteered weekly to help the Premium Department, learn about WBAI, answer phones during fund drives and helped in the mail room.
Please consider what has been accomplished by so many over the last ten years. In 2016, I first became aware of the full story as to why Pacifica was no longer receiving Corporation for Public Broadcasting funding. Pacifica National also had ignored a letter from the California Attorney General threatening the loss of its’ non-profit status. This was a clear call to action. I knew the transmitter atop the Empire State Building increasingly was becoming more expensive. This would have to end for WBAI to pay its own way. I helped WBAI move off Wall Street. And then the WBAI transmitter location was moved to 4 Times Square. Pacifica settled the onerous contract with ESRT and finally after Superstorm Sandy the radio station landed into the new studio space at 388 Atlantic Ave. Major problems addressed and solved, and in NYC a better and less costly WBAI resulted. After the shut down in October 2019, together we were able to regain and now maintain local control. And reject a bylaws rewrite that would have decreased the democratic structure of WBAI. All that while paying our bills. So we must continue to maintain fiscal stability and keep growing, and providing entertaining, honest, and open radio. Recently Pacifica has become able to reapply to the CPB for funding. All this is indication of our success. Please consider how that has occurred.
Please vote for our continued success and WBAI in NYC. Thank you.
Jack DePalma
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