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Listener Candidate for the KPFA Local Station Board
I am running to revitalize KPFA and Pacifica. KPFA must became a vital station with hundreds of thousands of listeners. We did that in part in the past by covering the Free Speech UC rallies live for our listeners. That was many decades ago without the technology we have now and we have to go back to our roots that made us a station people had to listen to.
We need to have a live multi-media platform with other digital channels that can do live programming of union rallies and press conferences, environmental actions and the fight against racism and terrorism against Blacks, Browns, LBGTQ people.
We need a mass movement in this country to defend our human rights and also oppose the drive for war. KPFA used to be against war, militarization and more bases around the world. There is a danger of world war including war against China and the military industrial complex is making trillions while people are homeless, without healthcare and are forced into the gig economy destroying their lives and the lives of their families. Repression and the militarization is the response to this by the billionaires who really run California and the US. There is always more money for police and wars.
KPFA and Pacifica are not political parties but when the present KPFA Local Station Board members and the management say we cannot support the freedom of Julian Assange and Mumia Abu-jamal or even our own journalist Frank Sterling who was attacked by the Antioch police for his reporting on police racist murders, we need to go in a new direction.
We need to do our jobs if we are elected to the LSB and not spend our time suing Pacifica costing over $600,000 in nuisance lawsuits. We cannot have managers at KPFA testifying for former executives and costing KPFA over $300,000.
We need a program council that will evaluate programs. There is no evaluation process that allows staff and community listeners to have imput at present. This is what community radio is about and not top down management and insiders making all the decisions. WE need to follow our bylaws and also allow video and audio taping of all station meetings instead of banning video taping of meetings. Is This Free Speech Radio?
KPFA and Pacifica are precious and we need to oppose the corporatization of our only alternative national broadcast platform.
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