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Listener Candidate for the WPFW Local Station Board
I have gained a lot of knowledge and experience as a member of the LSB and PNB this year. Honestly, it's a lot of work for a volunteer who has a busy personal and professional life. Yet, I am deeply committed to the Pacifica mission, as well as the survival and thriving of my local station. For several years previously, I served the Station as a member of the community on 2 committees. However, I now have a clear view of the organizational components, culture and relationship to the network.

At this juncture, my focus and priorities are clear. I want to help the WPFW LSB to function more productively and with more collegiality. I want to bring in more revenue. And I want us to engage more authentically and reliably with the WPFW and Pacifica communities.

In addition, I bring these assets to the table: experiences of serving on several non-profit boards, respect for others, appreciation for differing viewpoints and expertise in civil dialog. Our ability to work together is growing which can only benefit the Station and Network. Having survived the recent bad times, I am eager and committed to help us evolve and mature.
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