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Listener Candidate for the WPFW Local Station Board
Andrew Kreig is a DC-based investigative reporter, non-profit executive, attorney and author of the best-selling exposé Spiked: How Chain Management Corrupted America’s Oldest Newspaper ( The 1987 book documented abuses and predicted ever-more- predatory media conglomerates poised to shape news coverage for profit and politics. Longtime FCC Commissioner Michael Copps, a frequent speaker at events Andrew organized, kept the book for years in his office waiting room table while issuing pro-diversity rulings.

Andrew’s experience as a non-profit leader with mainstream, start-up and alternative media organizations includes managing budgets and organizing events. As president/CEO the Wireless Communications Association from 1996 to 2008, Andrew led its efforts to build consensus to build a new industry by overcoming regulatory, technical and business obstacles, including opposition from powerful broadcast, cable, satellite and telephone companies. The struggle required organizing start-ups, consumer activists and educators, plus fund-raising and then hosting such speakers as House Judiciary Chair John Conyers and multiple FCC chairs at large and small conventions. Andrew then co-keynoted the 2008 National Association of Broadcasters “Futures Summit” to share ideas on how new technologies could help traditional broadcasters build new audiences.

Since 2010, Andrew has exposed injustice via the Justice Integrity Project ( he co-founded with community leaders. They now include Dr. William Pepper, a 1960s colleague of The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and author of a trilogy investigating Dr. King’s assassination.

The Project’s Left focus matches WPFW’s vital mission: fighting for justice against tyrants.

Andrew’s reporting reveals official corruption, racial and other civil rights violations, media distortions, etc. For example, whistleblowers confessed to him their help for corrupt “law enforcers” to frame targets for political purposes. One victim was former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman, a Democrat imprisoned for more than six years on trumped up corruption charges in 2007, financially ruining his family and thwarting his once-popular agenda.

As co-host of “Washington Update” radio and the “District Insiders” podcast, Andrew recently featured former Secret Service agent Abraham Bolden, the first African-American to protect a president and the victim of an obvious frame-up on 1960s corruption charges. The guest revealed on “District Insiders” the secret threats to JFK’s safety. Following a pardon last year by President Biden, Bolden described why he had held the secret private except to superiors, who proved disloyal (

During Andrew’s volunteer work, he worked for years with WPFW’s esteemed Askia Muhammad and others on the Whistleblowers Summit & Film Festival host committee to organize the Capitol Hill event that WPFW co-sponsors.

Drawing on experience in event organizing (such as securing funding and speakers in 2003 for the DC’s convention center’s first major event (100+ speakers), Andrew suggests WPFW increase donations and listener support by using radio's unique power via a staffer reporting DC news regularly from Left perspectives and speaking at community events.

A native of Chicago, Andrew covered the Justice Department full-time for five years as a reporter. His memberships include many civic groups, including leadership in press freedom, peace, youth mentoring and human rights bodies.
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