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Listener Candidate for the KPFK Local Station Board
I am a committed advocate and activist.

Imagining the influence Pacifica could have with 5 stations and almost 200 affiliates if we had top notch, well produced programming, with hospitable, multi-ethnic and multi-generational voices, providing a left analysis of news and politics is the reason that I am committed to revitalizing Pacifica.

My lifelong work for peace, justice, and equality aligns and has depended on KPFK as a powerful tool for progress.

Here's a summary of some of my service history and skills:

• I’m among the leaders of New Day Pacifica, advocating for updating our bylaws, with - 55% (6818--Pacificans) voting for changes to make Pacifica the vibrant 21st-century media organization with a left perspective that it should be.

• 5 years as a Director on the Pacifica National Board and 12 years on the KPFK-Local Station Board

Outside of Pacifica, I have held leadership roles such as

• President of the National Lawyers Guild-L.A.,
• President of Americans for Democratic Action-L.A.
• Co-founder and Executive Director of the Paul Robeson Community Center and the Robeson Youth Radio Training Project in South Central L.A.
• My qualifications encompass a diverse range of skills, including legal expertise, fundraising experience and grant-writing

Theresa Bonpane from the Office of the Americas kindly summarized my qualifications: “Jan Goodman's distinguished career in law and life expresses the quest for justice and peace which is the essence of the Pacifica Mission”.

My deep roots in South Central Los Angeles have given me a firsthand understanding of the struggles faced by marginalized communities. Growing up iworking class, in a bi-racial family in Watts and witnessing my step-father's battle to become the first Black printer admitted to the Printers' Union, and STILL not getting union jobs after that, fueled my unwavering determination to combat racism and injustice.

Through my leadership at the Paul Robeson Community Center, we established a transformative Filmmaking and Radio Training Project in South L.A., empowering youth with media skills--fueling my determination that KPFK must have youth training programs!

I’m grateful for the endorsements I’ve received from notable individuals, including Cynthia Anderson-Barker, Cristina Vazquez (Retired VP Unite-HERE), Harvey No-Nukes Wasserman, and Earl Ofari Hutchinson.

We must intensify our efforts to create high-quality programs that include local, national and international news and analysis with diverse generational, cultural and ethnic voices heard rarely on the airwaves.

Our listenership and donations are declining due to cronyism that replaces science and fact-based programming with poorly produced and sometimes anti-science content. Management and programming decisions lack coherence, as seen, for example, in the arbitrary decision to move Amy Goodman's time slot from 8 to 6 am.
For more information about me, my endorsements, and the fellow LSB candidates I endorse, please visit You can also find additional details about me at
Together, let us bring about positive change and ensure that KPFK remains a powerful force in the pursuit of justice.

In solidarity,

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