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Listener Candidate for the KPFA Local Station Board
I am Colleen Mast. I was asked to run for the KPFA board because of my work with KPFA Outreach. Over the years, I have talked with hundreds of people about KPFA’s news, public affairs, music and cultural programs including coverage of economics, the threat of right wing violence, militarism, immigration, racial, gender, LGBT rights and KPFA’s soul soothing music. It is urgent that we let people know about KPFA on the air, online and on social media, especially includes reaching out to youth and communities of color across our northern California demographics.

I help recruit volunteers for KPFA to bring new vitality and perspectives to the station. I want to let more students at junior colleges, colleges and universities know about KPFA’s production training programs.

KPFA has the only full news department in the network. As a new board member, I will continue help let people know about KPFA’s news internships and ten week trainings in the fall and spring teaching how to investigate, document, script and produce news stories on local, state, national and international cutting edge topics. Building a strong base of reporters skilled in investigative journalism in alignment with KPFA’s mission of peace and social justice with quality technical production skills is a key element for KPFA’s future success.

I have appreciated helping at KPFA community and author events. I want to continue to support KPFA’s events that allow us to hear brilliant problem solving authors and innovators speak in person on the crucial topics of the day. I want to expand possibilities for more KPFA events that bring life and community connection to the station.

Most of all I help people become members. Many listeners want to ensure that their donations to KPFA are used for KPFA. I want all of us to work together to build KPFA’s membership so that we have the voting power to protect KPFA form the financial drain from stations that, unlike KPFA do not pay their bills.

I believe that providing for quality programming and outreach are the most crucial tasks that lie before us as a station. We need to expand our capacity to produce great progressive content on multi media platforms and let people know how to find and share it. I want to help the KPFA Local Station Board to take up outreach collectively so that KPFA can expand its key role as a treasured independent alternative media resource.

Please VOTE for me Coleen Mast and KPFA Protectors endorsed candidates. Endorsed by Aileen Alfandary, Sasha Lily, Philip Maldari.
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