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Listener Candidate for the KPFK Local Station Board
As an activist and radio and television professional, I advocate for the environment, human rights, women, and aid to the suffering peoples of the world. I have used radio to educate the public throughout my career.

I believe in the power of the media. From 1959 to now, KPFK, as one station in the Pacifica network, provided radio access for the most progressive activists of Los Angeles and the world and it should continue to do so.

Now, as we enter another election cycle, we need a non-corporate, people-directed voice for issues determining the future of our city, our state, our nation, and our world.

It is important that individuals such as myself with mixed ethnicity and a diverse personal and professional background be represented on the local station board. I will contribute experience and imagination to the success of Pacifica and KPFK.

The current local station board has mismanaged the station with poor programming and fiscal instability. I have been an elected official who has overseen over six billion dollars in bond money and a billion dollars a year in operating costs. I know how to look at financial statements and have ways to increase revenue, enlarge membership, and keep competent staff and volunteers engaged.

As a former local station board member who was denied a second term even though I was elected, I wish to bring back civility to the organization. Meetings need to be productive without nitpicking and infighting.

Programs should represent more than ideological rants and extremism and anti-science quackery. More and better local, national, and international news should be presented. As host and producer of the longest running broadcast environmental radio series in the country, since 1977, through a nonprofit organization, I will encourage KPFK to cover more about our ecological crises and solutions.

Management needs to be held accountable and be engaged with the board.

The United States is threatened by the far right and we must do all we can to counter their propaganda. Let’s support social and environmental justice, democracy, and peace.

A few of my 2400 radio programs and 600 television documentaries can be heard on YouTube: Environmental Directions with Nancy Pearlman and ECONEWS with Nancy Pearlman.

More information about me is at or

Thank you for your vote and support:

Nancy Pearlman,
Executive Director, Educational Communications (a non-profit organization with environmental, humanitarian, and cultural projects)

Cultural Anthropologist and Ethnic World Dance Trustee Emeritus, Los Angeles

Community College District (Former Elected Official and candidate for 2024)

United Nations Environment Programme Global 500 Laureate

To reach me directly, call me at my Los Angeles business/home land line: (310) 559-9160 or leave messages on cell at (213) 705-4992

Postal mail address is P. O. Box 351419, Los Angeles, CA 90035

Please write to me at or call me at 213 705-4992.

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