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Listener Candidate for the WPFW Local Station Board
I am a long time listener and contributor to wpfw. Before prioritizing wpfw on my radio dial 25 years ago, I patronized its sister station, wbai, while living in New York City. My patronage has lasted over the decades because I believe that the station achieves its mission of "providing the local majority population with important and relevant information, education and entertainment". It certainly has added to my education.

While living in New York, I sought to provide relevant information to the community through my work with the Patrice Lumumba Coalition (PLC).
PLC was a grass roots organization that brought progressive people and topics to the African American Community. Despite this activism, I felt the need to acquire additional skills that would equip me to be of use to members of the community on an individual basis. I came to the District and obtained the training that is allowing me to practice as a Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist. In this profession I have primarily served the marginalized community in Southeast D.C; I specifically targeted the at risk youth who were incarcerated in the Oak Hill Youth Center. As a psychiatrist I am acutely aware of the social factors that impact the mental well-being of this community. Thankfully, wpfw's programming devotes itself to addressing these factors so that the community can access needed services. The education that wpfw provides to the community it serves is most impressive, particularly because of the absence of that information from other media platforms.

I would like to contribute to this important effort by serving on the Local Station Board, I currently serve on the Drug Utilization Review Board for the District of Columbia. In this capacity I understand the need to have a body to support the efforts of the persons delivering the product; that is, the programmers and developers. This need is heightened with wpfw since it is listener sponsored and not necessarily flush with resources.

Please consider providing me with this opportunity by casting your vote for me to serve on the Local Station Board.

Thank you
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