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Listener Candidate for the KPFA Local Station Board
Dear KPFA Members,

I, Candice Schott, am running for the KPFA Local Station Board to protect our much loved station. I feel privileged to have KPFA for news, analysis and coverage of topics that affect our lives. KPFA is our beacon in the sea of misinformation from corporate-compromised broadcasting.

I believe that my skills working with both municipal and non-profit administrative and membership operations can help KPFA thrive and can help address the Pacifica network’s complex financial, governance and programming crisis.

One of my biggest goals for KPFA and Pacifica is to support a doable and timely process for the digitization of the thousands of historic recordings that are now on tapes in the Pacifica Radio Archives. Time is running out for them to be transferred to accessible platforms. This treasured collection of political, cultural and artistic audio recordings includes documentaries, performances, discussions, debates, drama, poetry readings, commentaries and interviews with famous individuals like Malcolm X, Leonard Peltier, Janice Mirikatani, Angela Davis, Alice Walker and Martin Luther KIng Jr, not available anywhere else. These historical records can be used for future broadcasts, as premium gifts for donors and shared with schools and libraries.

I oppose Pacifica’s commercial underwriting pilot project which threatens Pacifica programming at a time when independent media is becoming a rarity.

I support KPFA’s potential to expand listenership, reaching out to new demographic and geographic areas especially to youth and communities of color across Northern California and beyond on new multi media platforms.

I want to ensure that KPFA continues its in-depth coverage of the geo-political and financial dynamics of war today. For the last twenty years I’ve participated in a weekend retreat focused on peace in the world, bringing like-minded people working together to support everyday actions regarding, immigration, the environment and to protect our youth from future military drafts.

I ask for your vote for me Candice Schott and for all of the KPFA Protectors endorsed candidates. I am endorsed by news director Aileen Alfandary, Brian Edwards-Tiekert from UpFront and Sasha Lily from Against the Grain.
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