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Listener Candidate for the KPFA Local Station Board
I, Cheryl Davila, am a candidate for the KPFA Local Station Board. I was introduced to Pacifica Radio listening to WBAI as a teenager. My relationship with KPFA began 42 years ago when I moved to Berkeley. Our community needs diverse, ethical folks with integrity and honesty to step up to ensure KPFA continues to exist and thrive. As a Former Councilmember in the City of Berkeley, I recognize the importance of a listener sponsored radio station, its value to our community and have witnessed the support not only locally but worldwide. As a LSB member I will work hard to continue the legacy and longevity of KPFA.

I have a degree in Business Economics and received an academic award, Omicron Delta Epsilon, an International Honor Society for Economics. I founded the Climate Emergency Mobilization Task Force (CEMTF), Mobilize Berkeley and Voices Against Violence while in office as a councilmember to assist the community with climate education, solutions, grief and youth violence prevention. This work continues in my retirement sitting on several advisory committees, boards, and community organizations. Therefore, I look forward to utilizing my skills and expertise on the KPFA LSB.

I personally can’t imagine a world without KPFA. Yes, KPFA has had its challenges, yet it continues to survive. We need KPFA, its programming, it's a staple that we can not afford to lose. I'm motivated to join forces with the LSB to ensure KPFA continues to broadcast on topics you don’t hear about on other platforms, racism, white supremacy, supreme court corruption, state sunshine laws, prisoner’s voices, law & disorder, economics, environmental & labor issues, holistic practices and so much more.

KPFA enriches lives, provides expert opinions & analysis and enhances our world views. I know KPFA has benefited me, answered numerous questions, enabled exploration, our dial is locked on KPFA, which has been delightful and enlightening to not only me but our families lives, too. Listening to KPFA is multigenerational in many listeners' families including ours starting with my dad and now our children. THANK you KPFA.

Electing me to the LSB will bring diversity, questions that haven’t been considered or proposed previously, enthusiasm and love for listener sponsored radio. As a LSB member I will work wholeheartedly to ensure KPFA stays corporate free, maintains our national network, and continues the legacy of being anti-war and anti-racist.

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