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Listener Candidate for the KPFK Local Station Board
Having been born and raised in Santa Monica, CA, to first-generation American parents from the Caribbean, I have always had a connection with independent media. My journey began in 7th grade, and from 2007 to 2012, I curated an independent blog with a substantial following of 50,000, focusing on Black history and current events.

Through personal experiences, I have witnessed the urgent need for independent, non-corporate-funded press. Facebook's censorship of myself and fellow contributors to my blog for reporting the truth reinforced this conviction.

Over the past five years, I have dedicated myself to landscape architecture, designing diverse outdoor spaces for private, commercial, and public use. Utilizing tools such as drones and computer simulations, I appreciate the multidimensional nature of this craft. Designing for four dimensions requires considering how designs evolve over time—how plants grow, mature, and transform, and how they interact individually and collectively across different seasons.
Applying a similar perspective, I envision the future of KPFK as a blossoming and maturing station with a progressive perspective. To achieve this, we must engage younger programmers and listeners while elevating production values across all programs.

A hospitable listening environment should be created for both young and old, eliminating the excuse of incoherent rambling on the airwaves, regardless of age. As a person in my twenties I am acutely aware that there are numerous articulate, well-informed young individuals from various backgrounds and fields who can enrich our airwaves.

Our programming should emphasize factual and science-based reporting. In the event someone feels compelled to broadcast views against vaccination, for example, it should be accompanied by conversations with scientists or medical professionals, or by adjacent programming that provides a counterbalance.

Beyond landscape architecture, I have acquired over eight years of experience as an operator or product owner in diverse industries, including cannabis and technology. My understanding of finance and expertise in book balancing can be valuable contributions to Pacifica, and I am eager to share this knowledge.

Living in a world where most media outlets are corporate-owned, it is vital to maintain KPFK and Pacifica as listener-sponsored and self-sustaining entities by improving programming. We must attract top-quality journalists who captivate audiences, taking us one step closer to establishing a station that more people will tune into and support.
Together, we can shape a future where independent media thrives, providing accurate information and fostering meaningful dialogue that empowers our communities.

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