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Staff Candidate for the WPFW Local Station Board
WPFW is a sleeping giant. My goal is to bring together the opposing internal factions in order to make our beloved station the flagship station in the Pacifica Network and a powerful platform in the DMV.I have the experience, the commitment and the desire to make that happen. I've worked in numerous positions at WPFW and Pacifica including Capitol Hill Correspondent, Anchor of Pacifica Network News, Producer/Host of Peace Watch and What's At Stake as well as Deputy Executive Director of Pacifica. I have devoted my time, talent and treasures to WPFW for over three decades but this abbreviated term was my first time serving on the LSB .and I would love to continue to serve .But I can't do so without your vote. Will you please help me wake up the sleeping giant that is WPFW- vote for Verna Avery-Brown.

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