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Listener Candidate for the KPFK Local Station Board
I was a privileged young kid, as I grew up in Jalisco, Mexico. But political considerations
uprooted my family. Our journey led us to California, where I found myself toiling in the fields
at the young age of 16, wearing my cherished Ringo Starr boots. Overcoming initial language
barriers, I fought my way into high school and, driven by my dream of becoming a doctor, I
eventually graduated from UC Santa Cruz.
However, my life took a transformative turn when my father called upon me to secure his release
from jail, where he shared a cell with the legendary Cesar Chavez. This encounter redirected the
course of my life, and I dedicated myself to organizing for the grape boycott, becoming an
activist and organizer committed to forging a better, more just, peaceful, and healthy world.
My activism extended far and wide, encompassing the struggles of farm workers, the fight
against apartheid and war, advocating for Leonard Peltier, supporting the Longshore workers,
standing in solidarity with and writing about Nicaragua and El Salvador, and actively
participating in the Chicano movement. Influential figures like Bert Corona and Angela Davis
shaped my perspective, while Cesar Chavez taught me the importance of internationalism over
Throughout my journey, I pursued academia, from Santa Cruz to UC San Diego, studying under
esteemed scholars like Herbert Marcuse. I shared my knowledge as a college professor at Cal
State Northridge, Channel Island, and Oxnard Colleges. I’ve also served as a high school
educator. As a Co-Founder and Director of Pajaro Community Corporation, I worked tirelessly
to uplift communities, and I also held the position of Senior District Executive at the Boy Scouts.
As a journalist, I focused on shedding light on the struggles faced by Latin America and workers
in the United States. Additionally, I expressed my creative spirit through writing poetry and
composing and playing music.
During the vibrant era of the 1970s, I had the privilege of being a part of KPFK, where I kept
listeners informed about labor struggles, shared news from Mexico, El Salvador, and Nicaragua,
and created and hosted a weekly music program called "Nueva Cancion," when KPFK had no
other Música Latina on its airwaves.
Now, I witness KPFK and Pacifica grappling with challenges, and I am filled with the desire to
give back. As a member of the Local Station Board, I aspire to restore KPFK to its former glory,
reigniting its power and influence as a platform for truth, justice, and community empowerment.
Together, let us strive to fulfill the noble mission of Pacifica.
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