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Listener Candidate for the KPFK Local Station Board
I guess I can say that my entire life has been dedicated to service. Most recently with West Adams Neighborhood Council and Good Earth Community Garden. Most of my service as volunteer has been relative to art and culture-sitting on various boards or commissions. I tend to think outside the box-always having vision - creating and building what something has the potential to be. I am a person who does take initiative - I do not tend to wait for things to happen, I will take lead however I will not be able to take on more responsibility than I can handle - especially in an unbalanced fashion if others are not doing their part. I'm just being very transparent in how I feel with taking care of "bizness." I will only remain on this Board IF I'm able to contribute something that KPFK needs.

On a personal level, I'm a composer, also a lover of; the arts-especially film and visual art. Many friends seem to look at me as the historian of this, that or the other. I especially love the many historical revelations I've been made aware of while listening to KPFK/PACIFICA. The science of almost everything truly fascinates me. I am not only saddened but outraged in how humans continue to treat other people, animals AND this beautiful planet - our Mother Earth that we have been blessed with. I love working with children and dedicated to strengthening the resolve of girls and women everywhere. I love that PACIFICA is a dedicated voice for some of these topics/issues.
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