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Listener Candidate for the KPFK Local Station Board
Hello! I became acquainted with KPFK 90.7, 5 years ago through the zealous work of some longtime members of the local station board. They wanted to get new memberships for the station. I was a sure bet! But, to have come aboard the same year Covid and it’s restrictions became the norm, made it easier to see and understand the turbulent circumstances our station and the Pacifica network were facing. We were drowning due to decreasing financial donations and memberships. We lost outstanding programs and sadly, we lost some of our most esteemed members to illness and stress. The comeback is a long and winding road. We are on that road and one goal is to get more members—an outreach to younger and differing peoples would be a good start. We must encourage our youth to get involved with us and help us navigate a newer presence on the air. We want to play their music as well as the classics; we want to tell their stories and needs. We also must have a high end sound. This could incorporate the outreach to and continued support of our educational institutions. They have potential graduate candidates in broadcasting. Exchange programs between them and KPFK are already designed and ready to be launched. The structuring of 2023 volunteerism needs attention as well. IN SUMMARY, WE ALL MUST GET ALONG! We also must work together in a better fashion. Let’s focus on the future and carefully eliminate the worst of our enemies: excessive debt, ineffective by-laws and generally speaking, poor programming. These are just a few of the ideas I would most dedicate my support to for KPFK. I can be a contributing part to our survival.
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