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Listener Candidate for the WBAI Local Station Board
I am a member of the WBAI Community Advisory Board and running to prevent Pacifica from becoming overtaken by "New Day people," who seized WBAI for one month in OCT 2019 turning it into a repeater station.

I am a member of the Indy slate who wants our incredibly good content covering international, national and local issues into the ears of the younger audience that needs to get this info.

I started listening to WBAI during "the Nixon years," when I would listen to the before and after commentary of the Presidential National television address to make sense of what was being said. Back then we were dealing with the threat of the growing Military Industrial Complex. Now, we are dealing with the threat of the growing Military Industrial Media Medical complex. We need WBAI & Pacifica more than ever.

We need to send copies of WBAI programs to our friends to advertise the station on a personal level.

We need to study and then have a strategy to get our content using social media and other avenues in the current technology to reach the new younger audience.

We should send a copy of Democracy Now to every High School student organization and to the Student organizations at every college to let them know that WBAI & Pacifica exist.

Others running suggest we restore the By-Laws requiring an E- Mail address for listeners to write the LSB. That is a great idea. Also suggested was to extend adjournment/resume a week so an agenda could be completed. Another great idea.

I believe myself and others should advocate to ask rich donors to help financially support WBAI & Pacifica. If the Supreme Court Judges, the Senators and Congressmen can get money and favors for pushing the agenda of the rich, why can't we ask like minded celebrities and athletes for support? The time to ask Ed Asner and Harry Belafonte is too late. To ask Jane Fonda, Yoko Ono, Susan Sarandon, Barbara Streisand, Robert Redford, Michael Moore, Oliver Stone and others after they die is not a good choice. Jane Fonda recently announced that she had a serious disease. She has been active in so many things in recent years. What's the worst, they can so no and hurt our feelings. We have got to do it. We have nothing to lose. If we don't ask, we have a lot to lose. We have to make a systematic effort to ask those with money to give a bit of what they have to support WBAI & Pacifica. They are listeners. That would be listener supported radio. We have got to make this effort. We have got to pass WBAI & Pacifica to the next generation. If we don't, our generation will have failed. We have got to make this happen.
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