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Listener Candidate for the WBAI Local Station Board

Time plays tricks.

Things have changed: Now, it's here today, gone today.

Please. Love now. Share now. Bring change now.

In the struggle to make our world better for ALL the children, evaluate your skills and double your efforts.

I am proud to have the support of my board candidacy from Rita Marksman, Cinque Brath, and Sharan Louise Harper.

WBAI Radio has been our megaphone and it remains vital to our communities. Expansion to other platforms broadens our in-reach and essential outreach.

Even in its flawed state, WBAI is among the best radio freely available. But we can be so much better.

The Local Station Board should do its job:
• stop abstaining on the budget, analyze where the money goes, and demand premium gifts be promptly delivered
• examine programming goals and require the creation of program policies, including representation from missing demographic groups such as youth and Asian communities
• regularly evaluate station management--offering remedies where necessary, and demanding accountability
• make board meetings open to input from attendees by scheduling commentary throughout the meeting instead of burying it at the end of the agenda
• reduce wind-bagery


Abracadabra! The Pacifica National Board has learned to freeze time.

In voting to disregard bylaw-mandated term limits--which was not a necessary part of cancelled 2022 elections and which broke from 20 years of member-directed governance--the PNB has mirrored the corruption we decried in Bloomberg's 3rd mayoral term, in Mt. Vernon's City Council self-extension, and countries whose despots steal the people's power.

We had to sue to get the current elections ( Some claim they were going to occur anyway, but that is belied by the chaos most are experiencing. Someone wants Pacifica gone. Such a mess must be by design.

The PNB has broken trust with the membership and piled up deceit and treachery. They have allowed biased and corrupt board practices in Houston and savaged the LA board for obeying term limits. (

Not only does this conduct evidence morally bankruptcy, but their only solution to the financial crisis is to sell something.

How long can that work?

No more smiling and nodding. We're cannot lose this precious thing!

Let's do the obvious:
To meet the people where they are, we must ramp up social media use, expand into video, advertise, form partnerships with other non-profits, and make space for new voices and youth.

One such young person, Corazón Valiente, is running for the board. Please consider them:

Please rank me # 1 and see for other recommendations on how we can improve our station.

Peace AND Justice now!
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