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Listener Candidate for the WBAI Local Station Board
I am a historian, professor, book author and the managing editor of CovertAction Magazine. I would like to see more programming that critically addresses U.S. foreign policy and covert operations and the corruption of US intelligence agencies. The US left today often falls into traps like the public at large by which they adopt the false narratives advanced by intelligence agencies and fall into line with psychological warfare operations. Certain programs misinform people on the left and stifle critical debate on issues like COVID-19; the war in Ukraine; 9/11; and false flag operations, which they never cover. They stokes partisan divisions as they criticize republicans but often give a pass to Democrats and bring on compromised people. We need to hear a more diverse range of views on progressive media and critical voices on the COVID pandemic and manipulation of public opinion surrounding it; on CIA psyops like Russia Gate; on the dead end of identity politics; and on the corruption of the Democratic Party along with Republicans pointing to the need for third parties I would like to see a media that is willing to criticize both Democrats and Republicans, and expose the corruption of the two party duopoly; and lead the way for a movement for change independent of the Democratic Party--the death of all social movements. That movement should demand the abolition of the CIA which is a cancer on US society and the world. Part of the coverage I would like to see is more international--that gives voice to people on the receiving end of US imperialism. This could also better inform WBAI listeners and result in a more effective independent anti-war and anti-imperialist movement.
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