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Listener Candidate for the KPFT Local Station Board
Richard Uzzell, Long Candidate Statement.

Fellow KPFT Members,

Listener candidate, Richard Uzzell, KPFT LSB Secretary here asking for a few minutes of your time to talk with you about our upcoming Pacifica Election. Whether you are just getting into the concept of Pacifica Delegate Elections or you’ve been plowing this field for some time. It’s the process developed by past and some current members to assure diverse, community-wide representation on our Local Station Board and the Pacifica National Board.

I was elected to the first elected Board. I served quite a while and did a fair amount of work at our Lovett Street location. On the Board, my main job has been that of Board Secretary. I was also the National Board Secretary for a couple of years. A fellow member and I sent two weeks in New York renovating that station, WBAI; and I joined with the tech crew that built a new station for our Washington D.C. station, WPFW.

I took off for four years, but about three and a half years ago I came back to help as Secretary. I am now a candidate for re-elections because in the last couple of years, I have been part of our new station at KPFT and I would like to complete a final 3 years helping to assure that our new station on Caroline becomes the success that I know it can be.

As your candidate last time I strongly urged,

“Time is short !! Our beloved KPFT is on the edge of bankruptcy and possibly even extinction. Unfortunately, Pacifica has too many overly large Boards that have been populated by too many Delegates who have had been, for various reasons, bad players.

This must STOP !!

The current LSB is moving away from this destructive past. This year’s election is critical to consolidating a local Board that will tend to business. A Board that will insist on a balanced budget, lean effective trained and motivated staff and a program schedule that will have listeners tuning in and stepping up to help.”

All that was true and to a somewhat less degree is still true. But in the past three and a half years, we have accomplished a great deal. The Board that we put together (with your help) has been very effective. We have delivered balanced Budgets! We have found and designed a building for our new station! And we are hard at work building a new station on Caroline Street. Our revenues are increasing. Our programming is getting stronger. Our lean staff is trained and motivated.


I ASK FOR YOUR #1 VOTE !! Thanks, Richard Uzzell, Listener Candidate.
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