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Listener Candidate for the KPFK Local Station Board
Hi, I’m a 30+ yr member supporter of KPFK; I’m a lifelong civil rights ( and other progressive left issues) activist, having grown up in Alabama; I’m also a (published) physician and when Covid came, due to my being considered high risk and working predominantly in critical care units, I switched to Telehealth which gave me alot of extra time, decided to devote to the station.
Back then, I was alarmed at the claims of some purveyors of our fund drive gifts, so went to a CAB meeting and spoke up. Out of multiple concerns for our station, I then joined the Finance, Programming, Governance and Fundraising Committees, and got chosen to be on the Community Advisory Board (CAB) ; a few mos later, I was seated on our LSB, so am now a liaison between the LSB and CAB.
I consider myself the “Betty Wright Clean-up Woman” -- there are many problems to address:
Our program grid has undergone major changes without listener input , so I recently got an LSB motion passed for a dedicated programming Town Hall of the membership followed by a written survey for YOU to express YOUR ideas. Also, we have some immensely talented members; I am envisioning a possible KPFK “Ted Talks”-type program for people to share their talents even if they don’t want to be responsible for a weekly program- already I know of members in the performing arts, nuclear experts, voting rights experts, a great asset we can tap
The Pledge Page is extremely cumbersome to navigate requiring 17 pages of scrolling, and a disorganized list of premiums- this needs fixing.
We wanted a local news show, but there are many listeners who are not happy with all the
broadcast content, thus are withholding funds, so we need that addressed with listener input. THIS IS YOUR STATION and we MUST deliver the programming you want. It would be great if we had a (SCOTUS-ha) sugar-daddy to fund a month of Neilsen/other ratings for our programs.
We are chronically short on funds, but LONG on fund DRIVES, and yet have no idea where the money’s going, even on our Finance Committee—there needs to be more transparency on that- we have talented people on that committee who could help analyze and strategize. Additionally, I have been monitoring our compliance with CPB regulations to help us get that trove of funding.
We need to grow our membership but we likely have outdated contact information for many , so we need on-air announcements and webpage banners to get updated info so you can get important event announcements and forward them to friends. I am also experienced at public speaking, so am happy do outreach at events
In short, the LSB is here to serve YOUR needs, and that is what I am dedicated to. I’d appreciate your vote.
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