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Listener Candidate for the WBAI Local Station Board
I am retired; UFT member, Dean, adjunct proflessor, long time substantial supporter, collaborating with members and producers, I assisted in paying for this election; keeping Pacifica out of court. Please elect me and other 'nonaligned' candidates. 'SANE:' Stewardship, Accountability, Nonaggression, Engagement.' Put Pacifica in the black, cooperatively. YOU and Us. Members and communities are first. Producers matter. All of us, together. Now. Later?! Who knows?! Mom @ 102, supports us!

Don't be fooled by the same people who have been running us into the ground, for decades. They refused to help pay for these elections and can't be bothered fundraising, by engaging producers/communities. This is insanity. Stop it. Contact. Learn more.
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