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Listener Candidate for the WPFW Local Station Board
I want to join WPFW Local Station Board as a listener position. I am a sustaining member of WPFW and listen most every day to different programs, and always to Morning Brew and Democracy Now! I live in Eckington and have been in DC since 1985. Professionally, I am a Senior Policy Advisor on US Foreign Policy to Latin America, having worked for the Washington Office on Latin America and Oxfam; most recently as a consultant. I am the new Executive Director for the Latin American Working Group, a small, human rights non-governmental organization with member organizations and a constituent base. I have extensive experience in facilitating staff and strategic planning meetings, fundraising, policy and media relations.

I am interested in joining WPFW's board because of the station's long-standing commitment to the DC community, that it is of the community, and the variety of programing offered. More than that, I think that WPFW is the heart and soul of Washington, DC and speaks to people who live in DC, not in Washington. WPFW connects people with what is happening in our city and our world which any community radio should do.

There are more opportunities to grow too. For example, rather than having community comments in the monthly board meetings for a short period of time (because there is always a lot to cover in board meetings), I think we should have a time on the program, an hour or so, for community comment and discussion so it isn’t just one way but a two-way, three-way street. I think there are opportunities to grow WPFW’s membership through creating volunteer opportunities with WPFW members and community events. I am new to the current board but I haven’t seen a way to connect the community actions and WPFW folks – people to people presence is always a good way to connect and bring people in. Developing this system would be good.

I also really like how WPFW uplifts local artists and musicians which must continue.

Finally, this is the jazz and justice radio. Across the US, local newspapers and radio stations are being shuttered, and mainstream media is taking over such as Fox (or Faux) news. We are facing dangerous times – attacks against voter rights, LGBQTI+, women’s control over their own bodies, attacks against immigrants – I believe that WPFW has to be a voice to fight against this whether through news programs or music to keep us fighting on. Thank you.
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