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Listener Candidate for the KPFA Local Station Board
As a member of the RESCUE PACIFICA slate of candidates:
We are a group of KPFA listeners and staff, who value KPFA in our lives, as well as the Pacifica Foundation and the services it provides to 5 radio stations in major metropolitan areas across the country, the historic archives, 250 local affiliate stations, and Pacifica’s role as the only nationwide community radio network in the US. We came together because others whose aims are counter to Pacifica’s mission statement and bylaws have been working to gain control of KPFA and the other stations.

We support:
• Reliable news from a variety of independent sources and the field, not the corporatized wire services
• An anti-war stance as opposed to support for “humanitarian interventions”
• Support Julian Assange and other such whistleblowers.
• Air time for diverse grassroots community groups including during the morning drive time
• Bargaining rights for both the paid and the unpaid staff since the unpaid workers produce 70% of the station’s program schedule.
• Addition of new technology to broaden KPFA’s online reach. Expansion into video content.
• Vigilant free speech and anti-censorship radio
• Democratic governance and shared decision making among station workers and the community.
• Keeping listeners informed about governance matters.
• Restoring a democratic Program Council to Make programming decisions.
• Retaining independence from any privatized ownership.
• No commercial underwriting
• Responsible budgeting and timely and transparent financial reporting to listeners.
• Keeping the Pacifica Foundation intact

In addition to the RESCUE PACIFICA platform, I also hold a strong conviction to MAINTAIN the following principles that make Public Radio ESSENTIAL and LASTING:
- **Public Service** Promotes personal growth rather than corporate gain, and to speak with many voices and dialects.
- Provides more **diverse** and **in-depth** programming than most commercial media, covering a wide range of topics, perspectives, and sources. Gives air time to grassroots community groups and marginalized voices that are often ignored or silenced by mainstream media.
- Relies on **Independent Sources** and **Professional Experts** more than commercial media, which often use government officials, military sources, or corporate representatives as their primary sources. Public radio uses more journalists from other outlets, rather than relying on its own reporters or pundits.

As a candidate for the KPFA Board I believe in the power and potential of public radio to inform, inspire, and empower our communities. An SF native, listener and supporter of KPFA for many years, I appreciate the diverse and in-depth programming that it offers. I also value the democratic governance and shared decision making that Pacifica stands for, I want to preserve and protect it from any threats of privatization or commercialization. If elected, I will work hard to uphold the principles of independent, public service, diverse, and accessible radio that make KPFA and Pacifica unique and valuable. I ask for your vote to help me Rescue Pacifica and keep KPFA strong and independent. Thank you.
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