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Listener Candidate for the WBAI Local Station Board
I decided to run for a seat on the LSB because we need Pacifica and WBAI more than ever when so many laws being passed are trying to muffle our voices and take us back in time.
Having listened 40+ years and an activist, WBAI has always been a part of my life. WBAI FIGHTBACK , which I am part , was formed when the station was silenced in Oct 2019 by rouge faction at Pacifica that wanted to shut us down and sell our signal - THEY STILL DO! We worked hard to let the listener members and staff know why they should vote "NO" on the two New Day referendums that would have revised the ByLaws and eliminated local station boards, and WE WON!!
Being a part of PACIFICA FIGHTBACK includes collaborating with people from different stations, hearing different ideas and seeing how much more effective working together can be. As a part of WBAI OUTREACH AND FUNDRAISING COMMITTEE, we plan ways to publicize the station.

PACIFICA - all 5 Stations and Archives - are a BEDROCK - We have to work hard to bring it back to the vision that the Founders had - Truth and Justice , FREE SPEECH , Community Radio, By the people, For the people. All the stations are in dire straits now. We need your help to strengthen and expand them.

If elected, I will work together with everyone on LSB, making sure that we fulfill all the Duties and Responsibilities assigned to LSBs in the ByLaws - 13 in Article Seven and another in Article Nine - including the annual evaluation of the GM and Program Director and the Executive Director as well. ByLaws have to be followed concerning term limits for people on the boards.

We MUST have transparency concerning what monies are coming in and how they are being used.

We need News and Current Events Shows - STREET NEWS - involving the Community - We should be out in the streets broadcasting live during Events, Protests, Marches, and have discussions on air about homelessness, affordable housing, programs for incarcerated; talking with Council Members and Community Boards. We should be speaking out on Climate and Environment! Everyone's participation is needed!

Bringing in younger people to work on shows so they learn RADIO - will bring in new and fresh ideas and more diverse listeners and ways of listening.

We need a Call Center run by volunteers and a timely delivery of Premiums- it is not acceptable to pay for premiums and wait forever to get them or not receive at all.

We MUST implement new ways to raise money , including grants. Constant fundraising turns people off and listeners only have so much they can give.

Please let me know your thoughts on how together we can make WBAI better and more inclusive. I hope that I can work with everyone to implement new ideas to keep WBAI ALIVE! HARD WORK AHEAD! WE CANNOT LOSE THIS TREASURE!!

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