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Listener Candidate for the KPFT Local Station Board
Hello KPFT members. I am soliciting your vote so that I may serve you as a representative on the KPFT LSB. If elected I would be joining the board for the second time, having previously served from 2019 through 2021 first as the LSB Treasurer and then two years on the Pacifica National Board (PNB). My most consequential achievement at the PNB was to lead the KPFT delegation in the process of selling the 419 Lovett location after it became obvious that it would not be rehabilitated. We four members from KPFT were able to steer the sale into getting our asking price of $1.215 million for the Pacifica Foundaion of which KPFT was able to keep two thirds. With this money our current IGM and others were able to secure our present location on Caroline.
My previous stint on the LSB came about because I was recruited by some of our on air talent while I volunteered answering phones during a fund drive. The reason I was recruited I was told is because I "seemed to be sane". As homage to Alan Arkin's Yossarian if I were sane I wouldn't be running for this position so I must not be sane. All he same I do wish to return to the LSB so that I may support and protect the gains that have been made by the current staff and management of KPFT. I believe strongly in the direction of our programming and the promise of financial stability that has come with that. I believe that the huge disruption of the pandemic and the disaster that led to the loss of our Lovett location has had the silver lining of a fresh start on both the physical plant side and the fiscal books side. If you give me your vote I will do what is in my power to protect what has been accomplished and to expand our operations and reach. Thank you for your consideration.
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