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Listener Candidate for the KPFT Local Station Board
Hello. I have been a KPFT listener and contributor since the 1990s. Here’s why I'm running for KPFT's Local Station Board:
• I love KPFT and Pacifica. I want to contribute to its optimal health and functioning.
• Pacifica is an amazing concept and organization that serves individuals, movements, and expansive positive shifts of our world. Therefore, divisions and animosity within the Pacifica family need to be respectfully addressed -- sensitively and attentively -- and healed. My background in counseling, peace activism, advocacy and positive growth can be utilized in the local station board toward this end.
• I’m extremely concerned about Pacifica's ongoing and growing debt. It threatens KPFT and all Pacifica stations. It is causing divisiveness that is not healthy in positive peace movements. Each station needs to be able to generate funds to pay its obligations and insure continued broadcasting of such vital independent programming.
• I deeply value KPFT’s news, public affairs, and music. I love that on every front, KPFT has unique programming that can’t be heard on most other stations. However, all shows must be well produced, respectful, and generally appealing to both current listeners and potential new listeners. I’d like a voice in helping reinvigorate these high standards.
• I want KPFT to better utilize current digital options to help listeners find our programs more effectively on the Internet. I also want to help KPFT’s archives to be more accessible so that anyone can find and listen to any archived show at any time with more ease.
• As with most KPFT listener candidates, it’s important to me that KPFT have quality, diverse programming to increase our listenership, membership, and supporter base.
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