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Listener Candidate for the WBAI Local Station Board
My name is Elliot Crown.
Accurate information is crucial to a healthy democracy. The media's role is to challenge orthodoxy and ask questions. In an increasingly narrow media environment dominated by commercial interests, it is ever more important to have WBAI's people-powered, unbought source of news, information, and commentary in the long form that radio provides. WBAI is a powerful broadcasting station, part of a vital national network. I want to help keep the station strong and work to expand its reach. I am against any privatization or sale or station shutdown!
I am a foremost political artist/activist and visual storyteller. Images of my street theater protest performances addressing racial and economic justice, the environment, militarism, housing et al., have been seen by millions of people around the world for over a decade. From this, my unusual perspective, I have learned of the frustration journalists have working within corporate media. They simply cannot report the truth - in words - and they know it. Art, however, is open to interpretation, and editors welcome the opportunity to SHOW what they may not say because "It's just art." It's a loophole that I employ in my protest artworks with satire, humor and surprise, sometimes called "culture jamming."
I want to bring my communication skills to serve the WBAI community as a board member and a passionate free speech advocate. I am running as an candidate on the slate of Independent Candidates.
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