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Listener Candidate for the WBAI Local Station Board
native New Yorker, from Brooklyn, currently living in Manhattan.
Natural Health Consultant. Student of history, from Ancient times to today.

US Army Officer during Cold War. Lived in Europe 12 years.
I.T. industry, 20 years, most of it supporting Federal Gov't. agencies.

My personal experience has shown me how humans organize their structures of wealth and power. One way to keep those power structures accountable is through media (what used to be called the Fourth Estate).

This is done through investigative journalism, or, at least, for smaller media outlets like Pacifica, reporting the independent voices that are ignored by corporate owned mass-media.

WBAI can be a voice for this truth, and not an echo chamber for "cancel culture". We have to avoid the tendency to blame everything on emotional based outrage.

To restore our Republic, our representative democracy, we must eliminate Corporate personhood, and get corporate money out of elections and out of law making.

No other reform can achieve success without doing those two things first.

All the political reporting and programing of WBAI should be directed towards those goals. Screaming and shouting about 'identity politics' and its descendant, 'woke' culture, does not get us closer to the goal of restoring the Republic. Keeping eyes on the prize means going for the root cause.

The accumulation of wealth and power by the few, to the determent of the many is not based on racism or discrimination. It is based on a lust and greed for more, more, more (apologies to Billy Idol).

How do we level the field? Through systems supporting equality of opportunity, not equity of outcome.

Free market competition can co-exist with community based systems that support the "commons"; education, housing, health, ecology of nature, etc. We can create a Social-Market economy that combines the best parts of Capitalism and Community of the Commons.

In fact, it's necessary for a vibrant Nation-state to function.

WBAI and the rest of Pacifica can provide voice to that initiative. Thank you.
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