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Staff Candidate for the WPFW Local Station Board
I came to Washington in 1982 as senior telecommunications co-ordinator for the White House but was looking for a meaningful opportunity to serve the community and the masses. I joined the Communication Workers of America and helped launch a successful strike against Ma Bell (AT&T) and its 22 subsidiaries including Illinois Bell and C&P Telephone. It was during this time I began volunteering during fund drives at WPFW-FM. It was then that executive producer Bob Frasier offered me an opportunity to anchor WPFW's evening news broadcast and I gladly and gratefully accepted.

Prior to that, I was a contributor at Armed Forces Radio in North Africa at posts in Tunisia and Egypt. I later deployed to East Africa in Kenya covering the release of the embassy hostages in Iran. I've also worked as an attache' for the Consulate of Liberia in Chicago.

My career began in 1968 at PBS affiliate in Chicago (WTTW) as a public affairs panelist. I joined the news department at WABC-TV in New York City a few years later. I spent the next several years at ABC News as a field producer and covered the 1976 Democratic National Convention at Madison Square Garden.

I've also been a corporate fundraiser for Georgia Public Broadcasting, Alabama Public Television and West Virginia Public Broadcasting. Currently, I'm working on the Pacifica Programming Committee to launch a network wide newscast.

I'm also the news anchor on the Thursday "Classic Edition" of Morning Brew. On Monday evenings, I'm the Africa correspondent (aka Brother Tiago) on Black Star Radio. To date I've accumulated nearly 3000 hours of volunteer time in various capacities at WPFW and Pacifica.
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