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Listener Candidate for the KPFT Local Station Board
I’m Debbie Smith, running for KPFT Listener Candidate. I’ve been a Building Committee Volunteer for 8+ years, Member for 15+ years. Have served on other Committees for Children and Adults with Learning Disabilities as President, and as Social Committee Chairman fundraising for miscellaneous organizations. Have promoted KPFT to many friends who are now listening and supporting KPFT.

Being involved with our Local Station is very important to me. KPFT has made me aware of the need to let everyone know many truths that aren”t told on other Media. Being on the Local Board would allow me to Voice many ideas, work with a team and support community radio. Currently own a Personal Caregiver/Nanny Business. Having served as a KPFT Volunteer, Member and Listener I would like to further my commitment to KPFT.

Please give me your #1 vote.
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