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Staff Candidate for the KPFT Local Station Board
I have been a listener, supporter, and programmer at KPFT. My initial contact with the station was as a high school student attempting to expand my horizons. It did just that. In the last 45plus years the station has not let me down. I know that KPFT is a great source for news, information, music and opinions that are not so readily available from most other media. I retired from a 30plus year career in education. In retirement I have become a volunteer for a few different organizations which I have supported monetarily. I do not want to reinvent any wheels. I have no set agenda. Serving on the LSB as a staff member would be an honor. I have been told that I play and work well with others. Over the years I have had numerous conversations with the folks who serve on the local and national boards. Many different topics and issues with a vast array of solutions come up. At the end of the day I usually feel progress was made even if it really made no difference. In an atmosphere where everyone wants succuss the problems can still seem prohibitive. My candidacy in this election may just be only about fulfilling the requirements to proceed with the parliamentary process of a charitable organization. Fine. It's all about helping the station. If I am elected I will try to be an asset to the LSB. KPFT tends to head in the right direction once all is said and done. It is only fair to confess that I believe New Day Pacifica is a clear and reasonable blueprint forward.
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