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Listener Candidate for the KPFT Local Station Board
I’m Angelle’ Mitchell, a native Houstonian and veteran teacher. Currently I’m semi-retired but have taught in Houston and Aldine ISD. I’ve had the opportunity to serve as Family Council president for families of nursing home residents and participate in canvassing and assisting with Black Voters Matter.

As a new listener, I am excited and impressed with the work that KPFT does and feel that I can aid in that work to bring different views and cultural insights to the airwaves. I also particularly enjoy the music -it’s fun, healing, it’s freeing and it unites.

It’s my personal belief that diverse representation helps us understand one another better. It allows us to appreciate our differences, while showing just how similar we are. I’d be honored to serve on a board whose goal promotes a myriad of views, cultures, and music. Please give me your vote.

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