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Listener Candidate for the KPFK Local Station Board
KPFK is a lifeline to the progressive community, especially for those of us outside the LA area. It provides invaluable information, analysis, and reassurance that we forward thinking people are not alone, that we're in this together.

As a lifelong community organizer with extensive training and experience with nonprofit & public service boards, I've been both elected and appointed to public office, & have served on many nonprofit boards over the last forty years, from neighborhood to national.

At a practical level, KPFK and Pacifica need to:
• Improve programming, production values, sound quality, and signal strength to leverage the value of KPFK's unequalled broadcast signal;
• Diversify fundraising with a range of options that don't cut into airtime;
• Develop a strategic plan for governance, management, & revenue.

To do this, it's up to us to find a way beyond the epic battle between the two entrenched factions vying for control of the network that's presently tearing Pacifica apart.

I'm famously not aligned with any faction. I vote on the merits every time and make common cause with anyone willing to put the best interest of Pacifica first. I'm the only Director elected by the previous unified KPFK LSB and *both* the currently split LSBs.

I'm committed to the survival of Pacifica as a democratic participatory institution. Candidates who supported the recent bylaws referenda are effectively running for a seat on a body they intend to eliminate, doing away with any meaningful local representation in Pacifica governance. That can't be right.

For Pacifica to survive, it's necessary for us to find a way forward *together*. In 2019, KPFK members entrusted me with the responsibility to serve as a Delegate. I hit the ground running and have given it my all ever since. There's always a steep learning curve in getting involved in Pacifica. I've paid that price, and made the investment of time and effort.

Now I offer my hard earned experience in service of Pacifica's survival. To carry out the work we've taken on together, I now ask for your #1 vote.

Many thanks!

Elizabeth von Gunten

KPFK Delegate since 2019
Previous KPFK LSB Chair
Elected PNB Director 5 times since 2020
Previous PNB Vice Chair
Currently elected Chair of:
KPFK Programing Oversight Committee
PNB Development Task Force
PNB Governance Committee
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