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Staff Candidate for the KPFT Local Station Board
My Name is Mike Lewis I am Running for the KPFT 90.1FM Local Station Board. I have been on the Local Station Board for the Station cor a number of years as a Listener and Staff Member. I have a Bachelor of Science Degree from University of Houston Downtown and I have worked In the Broadcastig
Industry in the Houston area for a number of years.I enjoy using my skills at KPFT to work with staff at the station. As well as help with remote Broadcasts events.Events like the Dead Beat Ball,Watermelon Dance and Social.. I have also worked several on several parades in the. Houston area
promoting KPFT 90.1FM. I also sign up new members for tbe station at these events as well. I use my Advertising and Public Relations skills that I learned from the University of Houston. To help reach out to our Diverse community. I learned about Diversity at the University of Houston exchanging Ideas and learning about different backgrounds and cultures.
I learned how to work with different groups end hostilities. I learned how to comprise to get things accomplished for KPFT 90.1FM. I have also worked on every pledge drive for the station to help raise money for the station.
I also try to raise money while pledge drives have ended. The station needs money though out the calendar year. Houston is a very diverse community.
I have also trained people to reach out to our diverse community and sign them up for donations and membership. I will do my best to stop the Infighting and chaos that can be detrimental for the station. I am going to try to get more people to attend lo attend local parades like the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, Saint Patricks Day and Thanksgiving Day Parades. I also promote KPFT 90.1FM at UH sporting events as well at Houston Texans and Astros games. Being a LSB iMember you need to promote the station 24/7. I am willing to do that.. I have work for several Broadcast Stations such as KUHF 88.7 FM ,KFMK 97.9FM, KTMD Channel 47, KNWS Channel 51, KETH Channel 14 and KXLN Channel 45. I have many years of experience as well as my educational experience. I will use all of this to benefit KPFT 90.1FM.


Mike A.Lewis

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