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Staff Candidate for the WBAI Local Station Board
My platform is simple: ​Keep WBAI alive as listener-sponsored radio.
I have been a lifelong unpaid staff member at WBAI since 1967, having started by answering phones (of course) and moving on to Arts programming ever since. Programs that pulled me in as a youth included the daily "Programs for Young People" (PYP), Techie Time, "The Radio" and Poisoned Arts with Janet Coleman and David Dozer. And of course the speculative fiction programming with Baird Searles and Neal Conan.

I served as a Staff LAB member for two years. My program, Hour of the Wolf began in 1971 with Margot Adler, and I took the reins in 1973 (or 1974). I loathe enmity in station/Pacifica politics, but I have been through the wars. I do not belong to any 'factions' or internal political groups.
We must look to new and older, proven methods of funding the station without compromising the premise of listener-sponsorship. We have done this before, and can do that again. Long-time listeners will remember the Free Music Store, the Crafts Fair, marathon readings and music broadcasts, our participation at cultural events, or our laughable 'penny drive'. These didn't always make money, but they earned us community respect and gave us a positive community presence; plus some positive press coverage.

I began listening (and working) as a teenager. Where are those people today? They're still listening to audio, but now using more modern platforms. Today, that would include an internet presence as creators on such venues as YouTube and/or Instagram. (Not just social media - that can get contentious.) Make our website a destination. Pacifica pioneered thoughtful and politically powerful broadcasting. We have begun with podcasts, and it's time we expand from there. These, I may point out, can produce new revenue streams.

All that matters right now is our survival!
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