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Listener Candidate for the KPFA Local Station Board
As a KPFA listener and supporter for some 27 years, I want to maintain the quality of the programming that attracted me to this station in the first place. Every day there's money being used to infiltrate and co-opt democratic structures to bend them to some nefarious will. Why do I want to be elected now after so many years? Because KPFA to me is sacred, and I recently feel something is afoot, the message is changing ever so slightly, but enough to be worrisome. KPFA is my last stand in a corporate media desert. Our democratic society is fragile, and I have seen it crumbling bit by bit, and it is time for me to rise up and do something. I offer my compassion to the wretched and I will do my utmost to maintain the sacredness of reporting the truth.

Amy Goodmans' "Democracy Now!" is what brought me to and kept me here with KPFA. It's the Gold standard of news reporting in my opinion, just the facts, and asking the *right* questions, which requires a depth of understanding in the first place. When I look at CNN, NYT, WaPo and others, it's passionless reporting, by those who have come to learn that not all truth is fit to be printed or talked about. In the end it's just a means to a paycheck, as the higher ups rule the day and set the agenda on the reporting. But yet, once there were young reporters/journalists wanting to illuminate the truth. It takes years of little steps to demoralize and co-opt a peoples movement. We need eagle eyes to prevent this from happening!!
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