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Listener Candidate for the WPFW Local Station Board
Greetings, my name is Tony Leon. I was born and raised by a single parent in Washington D.C., and coming from a mix of Afro American, Afro Cuban & Dominican cultures. A graduate of D.C. School w/o Walls and Strayer University. I'm a veteran, a retiree of Verizon Communications and have owned several types of businesses in the area. I've listened to WPFW since about 1983. This led me to become a member and a volunteer at the station. In 2011 I became a Board Operator for several public affairs shows, became a host on Overnight Jazz and finally, had the honor of Engineering with Brother Ah/ The Collectors for 6 years. In 2012 I joined some LSB committees, and in 2014 I became a staff delegate, then a listener delegate until 2020. During this time, I helped to raise thousands of dollars on and off the air for WPFW and raise public awareness about the station. During my time on the LSB I've passionately advocated for management to be accountable and transparent with the public and to comply with the mission statement, while at the same time I’ve pushed for the LSB to do the same and to adhere to the Pacifica Bylaws which gives them guidance and directions on governance, however imperfect but usable this document is. People tell me that "they love what the station could be and hate what it has become". IMO it has become a cult of personalities instead of an institution for jazz and justice. The Board is supposed to represent their constituents instead of management. Per the bylaws, they are there to collaborate with management regarding finances, programming etc. The delegates are not supposed to give cover for or launder staff incompetence, truancy, or non-cooperative behavior. WPFW belongs to the people. As supporters we have the right to point out the legitimate blind spots to make things better, even the best. I would use my position to give visibility to issues that are invisible to the constituents. WPFW and PACIFICA have something much bigger to fight than each other! While you bicker amongst yourselves, the state and the gentrifiers watch and wait for you to undo yourselves. I appreciate your nominations and look forward to serving the people and collaborating with others at the station.
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